Having trouble picking out a color scheme for your wedding flowers? Here are some ideas surrounding a new trend, GREEN! We all love some color, but its hard to pick which ones! Here is a great way  to get an idea for what kind of floral design and colors you like.

For the Traditional Bride:

For the Modern Bride:

For the Colorful Bride:

Even Make Your Wedding Theme Green!

I really appreciate the modern and daring use of the color green at a wedding. Brides usually think that green is used for just a filler in arrangements but making it the focal point really makes a point! Its says that the bride thinks outside the box and has a spunky personality.

Some of the green flowers in these arrangements include:

Green Pompon Button
Green Carnations
Green Cymbidium Orchids
Green Dendrobium Orchids
Green Dianthus
Green Hypericum
Green Mini Hydrangea
Rose Green Tea
Green Spider Anastasia
Bells of Ireland

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