I don’t know about you guys, but at Blooms by the Box, we’re OBSESSED with incorporating unexpected elements in to our DIY floral creations. We wrote a post a few years ago about how to use fresh fruit in floral arrangements, and now we’re moving on to gourds and pumpkins for fall! We loved the idea of using pumpkins as a base for centerpieces because it instantly provides a unique and rustic fall look, no matter what floral combination you use.

Here’s what you’ll need:
A pumpkin
Floral knife
Floral scissors/bunch cutters
Crowning Glory
Some of your favorite blooms and any extra elements to give it your personal touch!


Here’s how we made ours:

1. Carve out your pumpkin and empty out all of the seeds, then clean and dry off your pumpkin. Soak your floral foam by putting it in a bucket of water, removing once foam sinks to the bottom.

2. Cut floral foam to the right shape, and put it in the carved out pumpkin.

3. Start with greens around the base – work your way up and towards the center.

Important to remember:
Once you create a hole in the floral foam with the stem of your flowers and greens, don’t pull the stem partially out to give it more height – take the stem out completely and create a new hole. If the bottom of the stem is not touching the floral foam, it won’t be able to drink or get nutrients!

4. Add your focal flowers. We used orange Cockscomb and red Celosia.



5. Add your filler flowers. We used Yarrow and dark purple Astilbe.



6. Add your leftover flowers and fillers to fill in any sections that may be bare. We added a few small gourds for a little more texture and extra pops of color!


7. Spray centerpiece with Crowning Glory solution to preserve it. Make sure to check floral foam every day to ensure that it is still wet. If not, carefully add water to the floral foam so your DIY centerpieces will be beautiful for your fall event!

8. Enjoy!

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