How to Use Citrus Fruit In Fresh Flower Arrangements

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Adding oranges, lemons, and limes to fresh flower arrangements has become very popular for weddings and events. Citrus fruits bring a natural bright element and texture to centerpieces. Many times DIY’ers avoid the use of citrus fruits in fear that they will damage the flowers or even because they are not sure how to mechanically piece these types of arrangements together. Well now you have the answers…

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The acidity of citrus fruit can shorten the vase life of fresh flowers, so a floral liner or use a smaller vase inside a larger vase to keep the flowers and fruit separate. Just fill the center smaller vase with flowers and the outer, larger vase with fruit!
  • Flowers can be arranged with citrus fruit without a barrier, but the vase life will be decreased.
  • Any type of citrus fruit can be used, whole or sliced. Including lemons, limes, and oranges.
  • Cut apples, pears or bananas will brown and should not be used. Fruits like grapes will float in water.

This lovely centerpiece from Lee Forrest Design, photographed by Andi Mans Photography uses sliced oranges to add a pop of color to this elegant flower scheme. The oranges also cover up the floral foam used to construct this gorgeous arrangement.

orange slices

The arrangement below is featured on Better Homes and Gardens as an easy DIY project! Be sure to check out this great tutorial! It is important to keep in mind that citrus decreases the vase life of fresh flowers. To combat this, place a smaller vase or glass inside the pitcher to hold the flowers. Wedge the lemon slices in between the two vases, which will hold them securely in place.

lemon pitcher

Slices aren’t the only way to use citrus! Check out this gorgeous table setting by One Charming Party, photographed by Nicole Hill Gerulat and featured on HGTV! The arrangements use halved blood oranges on floral picks, and whole oranges on the table. The perfectly smooth, round shape is uncommon and unexpected in floral design, adding to the visual interest.

blood oorange

Use oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit – choose a color to enhance your flowers! These brilliant centerpieces were featured on Hostess with the Mostess and photographed by Le Blanc Lifestyle Photography. A floral liner was used to keep the floral foam separate from the lemons.


What do you think of these charming centerpieces? Share your ideas with us!




  1. I love this! PERFECT timing! I am doing this with mason jars and white stock for aisle runners this September. Will the floral liners work for mason jars with a wide opening? If so where can I find them?

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  2. We’re do you get floral lining or foam?
    The arrangements look beautiful

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  3. How beautiful! The citrus enhancement adds life and, of course, a pop of color to any floral arrangement(s). Ideal décor for a variety flowers. #PerfectDIY

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  4. These centerpieces along with citrus fruits and fresh flowers looks amazing. This information was really helpful. Thanks!

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    • Hi Lily! Thank you for the kind words!

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  5. Does cut fruit make your flowers last longer?

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    • Hi Geri! No, the fruit will not make the flowers last longer.

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  6. Hi I’m hoping do this type of arrangement for my sister in laws Birthday party, do you need to add anything to the lemon slices to preserve them as I’d like to prepare them a day or two in advance if possible? Julie

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    • Hi Julie! I would recommend to add the fruit to the container as close to the event as possible. Create the design on top of the container a day or two ahead with floral foam and add the fruit the day off. The fruit may not keep fresh if cut too far ahead of time.

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