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We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, wildflowers are SO budget friendly! This tutorial on how to make a wildflower bouquet is your money saving trick for some gorgeous wedding flowers! A bouquet is the perfect floral accent for a boho wedding, a bright outdoor farm wedding, or anything in between.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - flowers 1000

So here we have some of our favorite novelty bunches! From left to right we have purple statice, orange safflower, purple limonium, billy balls, solidagobupleurum, blue cornflower, thistle, pink sweetheart roses, white sweetheart roses, pink dianthus, and pink astilbe.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - flowers cut 1000

We started off by trimming and pruning all the stems. If you think that it looks like a lot of stems there, you’re right! We did not use all of these stems for the bouquet. About 3 stems of each bunch were used.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - first bunch 1000

Here is our first bunch. We used this as the center of our bouquet and wrapped it in a little bit of floratape stem wrap, so we had a base that wasn’t falling apart.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - first bunch additions 1000

The technique for making a wildflower bouquet is very simple and flexible. It’s just a matter of turning the bunch and adding more stems. The shape is less important in wildflower bouquets, each of the stems usually poking out at different lengths. With all the different color blooms, make sure there is a nice balance of color in each section.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - second bunch 1000

This is our second bunch after some more additions of bigger and brighter blooms. Another layer of floral tape is not necessary but can be added. The reason it’s not necessary is that you will probably end up pulling out some blooms or adjusting their positions.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - third bunch 1000

Above is our third bunch. Most of the big and bright blooms are added and working to make a triangular shape.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - last bunch 1000

We used fillers and the bupleurum to stick out and line the edges of the bouquet. Then once they were in a good position, the bouquet was wrapped with floral tape. For wrapping wildflower bouquets the stem wrap can be very narrow, instead of wrapping the majority of the stems, this allows the stems to stick out in different directions on the bottom.

how to make a wildflower bouquet - final

It’s gorgeous AND so unbelievably inexpensive. One bunch of each of the blooms listed above could give you 4+ of these bouquets. Now that is a deal. Let us know if you have questions on how to make a wildflower bouquet!

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