Perhaps one of the reasons why we love roses so much is because they can be grown in just about any color and can range from whites to pinks to reds and purples.  Pair these darling buds with almost anything from baby’s breath, tulips, ranunculus, gerpoms, and seeded eucalyptus. However, possibilities can be absolutely endless!  With this much versatility, what’s not to love?

Roses are the quintessential flower when it comes to wedding design! They go with just about any flower but also look stunning standing solo. Their slightly curled edges give them a garden inspired feel, and with rose farms all over the world are readily available all year round. Forget about roses “by the dozen” – standard wholesale roses are sold in packs of 25 stems. We are not complaining though – more blooms to create stunning designs!

What kind of roses are there?


There are thousands of rose species and hybrids, each with its unique color and shape. Most are garden favorites that aren’t often used by florists as cut flowers. The roses you usually find in wedding bouquets, and flower arrangements fall into four groups: Standard Roses, Spray Roses, Garden Roses and Sweetheart Roses.

  • Standard Roses: These are what most people think of when they picture “roses,” like long-stemmed red roses in a vase, or a rose used for a boutonniere. Standard roses come in different sizes which are labeled according to their stem length. A “40 cm” (roughly 15 inches) rose has a smaller head, about 1-1/2” high, and is used for things like corsages.  A “60 cm” (roughly 23.6 inches) rose has a much larger head, about 2 1/2-3” high, and is used in bouquets and stand-alone arrangements.  If you plan on creating full and luscious bouquets, consider using the 60 cm., size.  To see some of the most popular standard roses, browse Blooms’ In-stock Roses.
  • Spray Roses: These roses are miniaturized versions of their larger counterpart, and have multiple blooms per stem. They are typically used more as a secondary flower in floral arrangements.
  • Garden Roses: These rounded and full shaped roses are among some of the most popular wedding flowers. Their ruffled look compliments any garden themed arrangement! Learn more about them here.
  • Sweetheart Roses: This is a miniature sized rose, however different from a spray rose because there is only a single bloom per stem.


How many roses do I need?

Have a look at this chart if you want to know how many roses are in a bouquet or arrangement if you want to use standard roses:


Type of ArrangementNumber of RosesAdditions   
Bridal Bouquet20-25 StemsFor a lusher look, combine with peonies or garden roses.
Flower Girl Bouquet10-15 Stems Complement with inexpensive filler flowers like baby's breath.
Medium Centerpiece15-20 Stems Look at our Pinterest board for inspiration!
Boutonniere 1-2 Stems Complement with inexpensive greenery like leather leaf fern or pittosporum.


How much do roses cost?


Rose prices depend heavily on what type and variety of rose you’re buying. For standard roses, the stem length is key: the longer the stem, the larger the bloom, the higher the quality, and the higher the price. A 50 cm stem may cost about $2.50 at a retail florist, while a larger rose of the same variety there can be $3.50 or more.

Garden roses are more expensive than standard roses, with some varieties costing up to $7.00 per stem. Budget brides who love Garden roses often reserve them for the bridal bouquets, using large but more economical standard roses for bridesmaids’ bouquets and other arrangements.

One important thing to keep in mind about rose pricing: costs SKYROCKET for about a month before and a week or two after Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. The worldwide demand crush the rose growers!

DIY brides can save money on roses by buying more significant quantities of premium-quality roses that are shipped directly from South America. For the best direct ship rose prices, shop our selection of Bulk Roses.


Popular rose varieties and colors


Pair these darling buds with almost anything

Popular rose varieties from L to R: Freedom Red, Vendela Cream, Cool Water Lavender, Akito White, Topaz Hot Pink.

 Freedom Red

This bright American red rose is the most common variety sold. It is perfect for wedding design as well as Valentine’s Day arrangements. Pair this rose with baby’s breath, leatherleaf fern, white ranunculus, and white hydrangeas to create a festive and romantic look.


Vendela Cream

If you’ve got your eye on cream roses, Vendela is the way to go! This soft shade adds that subtle pop of color many brides crave.


Cool Water Lavender

Looking to add hints of lavender and pink to your DIY flowers? Cool water lavender is the perfect lavender rose and pairs nicely with other purple flowers as well as creams, whites, pinks, and blues.


Akito White

White roses add purity and elegance to any arrangement. Akito adds gorgeous shape and texture and looks great with pale pinks, peaches, blues, and purples.


Topaz Hot Pink

Topaz has a saturated bright pink color that pairs wonderfully with purple irises, lavender football mums, yellow sunflowers, thistle, and orange mini carnations for a festival themed event.


Spectacular uses for roses in wedding design


Rustic Rose Bouquet

We love this bride’s choice of lavender roses, pink roses, white wax flowers, dusty miller, various berries, and grasses. It is the perfect wildflower bouquet that highlights the real beauty of roses!


Featured on Bridal Musings and photographed by Nikole Ramsay Photography.


Elegant Rose Centerpiece Arrangement

This amazing centerpiece has pink roses, white dahlias, succulents, and hypericum berries. We love the minty tones of the succulents mixed with the pale pinks, whites, and creams of the other flowers.


Featured on Mod Wedding and photographed by Elle Jae Photography.


Sophisticated Candle Holder

This bride added glam to an ordinary candle holder with red roses, fuchsia stock, and hanging amaranthus red, creating a real showstopper.


Featured on Mod Wedding and photographed by Modern Wedding Photography.


Glamorous Rose Wedding Cake

Coral, peach, and light pink roses top this gilded wedding cake. We love this romantic luster themed cake which is sure to be a big hit for brides this coming year!


Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Amalie Orrange Photography.


Want to see more? Look here to learn how to make a wildflower bouquet that incorporates roses. Tell us why roses will be on the top of your wedding flower list!

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