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Gorgeous winter wedding bouquet featured on Style Me Pretty. Photographed by Shannon Christopher Photography.

Featured on Style Me Pretty. Photographed by Shannon Christopher Photography.

At Blooms by the Box, we love winter weddings. Why, you may ask? Because there’s such a wide range of colors you can include in winter DIY flower arrangements! Winter weddings can highlight winter greens and deep, luxurious hues or bright whites, creams and ivories reminiscent of the snow that may be on falling outside your venue. One of our favorite creations is this gorgeous winter wedding bouquet from Style Me Pretty (photographed by Shannon Christopher Photography). Follow our simple step-by-step guide, any DIY bride or event planner can recreate this timeless and stunning bouquet!

What you will need:

8 white O’Hara garden roses

7 white ranunculus

5 stems of brunia silver

6 stems dusty miller large

Ivory ribbon



Follow these steps:

  1. Cut the stems of your hydrated flowers and fillers to the length you want the handle of the bouquet to be – we generally recommend leaving a little more of the stem than you think you’ll need, because you can always trim them again later!
  2. Take a stem of your focal flower and start to build the bouquet around it. Make sure to evenly space each type of flower/filler throughout the bouquet to balance it out. Depending on how large you’d like your bouquet to be, you may want to secure each layer with floral tape to help hold everything perfectly in place!
  3. Continue adding layers and securing them until you’ve reached your desired bouquet size.
  4.  Once you secure the final layer of floral tape, you can add your ribbon. Carefully wrap the ribbon around the handle of the bouquet, and hold it in place using pearl-head corsage or boutonniere pins.
  5. Once the stems are fully wrapped in ribbon, spray with Crowning Glory and store your bouquet in a cool environment. Allow your bouquet to continue hydrating in an inch or two of water, making sure not get the ribbon wet.
  6. Flaunt your gorgeous bouquet on the big day!

Love this look? Take a peak at the rest of this stunning winter wedding here!


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