Having a hard time selecting flowers DIY bride?!  There is so much you feel like you don’t know, and all you want is for everything to be perfect because you have dreamed of this day your whole life!  That’s okay, we have all the tools to help you decide what flowers you want based on a couple different categories; texture, color, and shape. This post will focus on getting started with shape.

What is texture? Texture is the physical structure and surface quality of a material. The flowers can appear rough or smooth, straight or curvy, shiny or matte, coarse or fine,  fluffy or hard, pointy or round. Smooth and shiny material make your eye travel over the flowers faster as it sees all there is to see, when there is a course and curvy appearance the eye is caught longer on the flowers because there is more to take in. The important thing to keep in mind is control. No matter which of the many textures your flowers are, keep this in mind when putting together flowers.

Tips for Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding Arrangements using Texture!

1. Not Too Much But Not Too Little. Remember,  too many textures can make an arrangement look too cluttered but not enough texture can make it mundane. This means that if your going to use all the same flower in the same color without any filler your arrangement may look too simple, add some filler, additional color, or another flower to spruce up simple textures.  Try to eliminate cluttered textures by sticking to 3-6 textures per arrangement.

2. Same Textures Can Work Together. You can introduce various types of structures into the arrangement, or you can even put the same textures into an arrangement depending on the style you are looking for.

Left Picture: This arrangement uses flowers that a have a fluffy, full texture. The colors and flower variety pair well together due to their similarity in texture.

Right Picture: This arrangement uses hard,  spiky,  soft,  small,  and large varieties of flowers that create a texture that is pleasing to the eye by arranging them in  a symmetrical pattern.

3.  Match Flower Textures with Containers Textures. Smooth flowers look good with smooth containers and shiny flowers look go with shiny containers, while spiky flowers look good with boxy  containers or containers with edges.

4. Use Contrast to Draw Attention to Specific Flowers. If you want to highlight a beautiful big spiky flower, use smaller, smoother flowers as a filler. This will draw attention to the special flower that stands out.

5. There Are No Rules! It is okay to experiment, step out of the box and try new things. If you keep in my that you have to put the flowers together and how the texture will flow the arrangements will be beautiful!

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