Make a Wildflower Bouquet: Step by Step

Learning to make a wildflower bouquet will teach you about creating any bouquet you want. The basic construction for a hand-tied bouquet does not vary when you use different flowers. We decided to show you how to make a wildflower bouquet because of the popularity of rustic DIY weddings! In an attempt to make ordering DIY flowers for a rustic wedding a more simple process BloomsByTheBox created an entire line of wholesale wildflower packs. Check out this full tutorial and call BloomsByTheBox with any questions you may have!

Make a Wildflower Bouquet

Tips You Need to Know to DIY Your Flowers:

1. Hydrating/ Care & Prep is key. When you purchase wholesale flowers you are saving money on the labor cost. Including prepping the flowers. When you receive flowers they will need some extra care before being put into a bouquet. First, cut at least two inches off the stems, place the flowers in room temperature water.

Make sure to store the flowers in a cool DRY place out of any direct sunlight or heat/cool draft. We emphasize DRY because if you place the flowers in a humid environment they may become limp. They hydrate best in a cool dry place! Also, there is no need to put the flowers in a refrigerator, just a room temperature or cool spot will do. Refrigerators contain fruits, vegetables, and ripening fruits that can actually give off a dangerous chemical that kills flowers. For more information on flower care see our flower care sheet.

2. Give yourself enough time. Generally, mason jar arrangements, bottle arrangements, and boutonnieres are quick to make. Bouquets tend to take a little but more time. Get some helping hands and make all your bouquets and centerpieces the day before the wedding. Make all your boutonnieres the day of the wedding as they are harder to keep hydrated since the stems are completely cover with stem wrap and ribbon.

3. Transportation. Work out transportation of flowers or arrangements in advance; you do not want to be stuck with arrangements in a small car, forcing you to make multiple trips. Arrange to have a friend/family member pick up arrangements ins a van or SUV.

If you are able to to take the flowers to the venue and arrange centerpieces there that is usually best. If not, arrange your flowers, place then in boxes or secure them so they will not fall over/break, then bring to the venue and get them inside right away.

4. Prepare. Prepare yourself for a couple broken stems, sometimes when arranging or traveling a couple stems will break, make sure you order a little extra to give yourself room for error. Also, if you don’t estimate how many flowers you need correctly, the extra flowers may save you.

Do you have any questions? Comment and ask!

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