Hanukkah Décor

Holiday wreath featured on Avenue Lifestyle

Although it feels like it, winter hasn’t officially arrived yet – but the drop in temperatures is the perfect excuse for putting up some holiday decorations, don’t you think? Decorating and creating DIY arrangements for Hanukkah is a great way to bring your family together during the holiday season, and it gives you the opportunity to work with your favorite wholesale greens and flowers to work while you’re at it! For this week’s recipe, we’re featuring Avenue Lifestyle’s tutorial for a little Hanukkah décor inspiration using fresh flowers.  It’s the perfect addition to any door, mantle, or chair back and a fun DIY project that the whole family can take part in!

The most important part of creating your own holiday decoration is to make it your own. Love the idea, but want to add a touch of blue to your star to make ti really stand out? Try light blue or dark blue delphinium. Want to add larger, seasonal flowers to your Star of David? Grab some white peonies and check out our tutorial on adding fresh flowers to wreaths! Holidays are celebrated differently in every home, so your DIY Star of David should be as unique as you and your family.

What you’ll need to recreate this gorgeous Hanukkah decoration: 

Star of David frame

White filler flower – wax flower, baby’s breath, white statice, lily of the valley, etc.

Seeded eucalyptus

One roll of floral wire

A pair of floral scissors

Crowning Glory Clear Spray

Fresh Flower Hanukkah DécorFresh Flower Hanukkah Décor
Fresh Flower Hanukkah Décor Fresh Flower Hanukkah Décor

Follow these steps to create your own fresh flower holiday décor:

1. Purchase or create your Star of David frame.

2. Cut and hydrate your greens, flowers, and fillers.  Be sure they have at least 6 hours to soak up water so they’ll stay fresher longer.

3. Next, separate the branches from the stems of your seeded eucalyptus if you’d like your star to be sparsely decorated like the picture above. If you’d like a fuller look, you can leave the stems as they are.

4. Carefully wrap the branches/stems around the frame of the star. Attach them to the frame using a thin floral wire, which will be easier to hide than green floral tape.

5. Then prune the stems of your fillers and flowers. White wax flowers, baby’s breath, white statice, or lily of the valley would all give you a similar look and feel to the white fillers featured in the photo. If you choose to add more a little more color with other flowers or greens, repeat this process with them.

6. Work your white fillers in to the greens and secure with floral wire. Repeat this process with any other flowers or fillers you’ve chosen.

7. Pick up your Star of David and give it a little shake when you are happy with how it looks – this will ensure that everything is securely in place! If any bits fall out, simply incorporate them back in and carefully attach them with floral wire again.

8. Spray with Crowning Glory to extend the life of your fresh flower Hanukkah décor.

9. Finally, display in a place of honor – and enjoy!

We’d love to know where you would feature this Hanukkah decoration in your home! Where would you display your adorned Star of David?


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