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Wax Flower White

Common Names: waxflower

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 or more bunches
$26.18 per bunch
QUANTITY:   bunches
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If you’re looking for a delicate flower filler for do-it-yourself wedding table centerpieces, bouquets and other floral décor, consider these pretty white wax flowers. Since they have multiple petite five-petal blooms on each stem with needle-shaped leaves, they add visual interest and detail to a floral arrangement. In the symbolic language of flowers, wax flowers signify lasting wealth and enduring love, making them the perfect good omen for a successful, happy marriage. Since wax flowers are gathered together in a grower’s bunch, the stem count is not always exact and can range from 7-12 stems per bunch.

Size: 16"-26" stem length

Vase Life: 7-10 days, depending on environmental conditions

Availability: All year

Suggestions: Use white wax flowers in garlands to decorate entranceways, window borders and fireplace mantles. Pair white wax flowers with baby’s breath for delicate floral coronets and bouquets. Use them in old-style glass milk bottles or Mason jars for charming rustic flower vases. In addition to sophisticated DIY wedding décor, white wax flowers can be used to decorate dinner party tables and special event banquet dinners.

NOTE: Wax flower tends to shed easily!

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