As Blooms by the Box has grown we have had the incredible opportunity to meet some fantastically talented creatives. This week our flowers became Laura Jane – Live Event Painter‘s weekend project, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that our blooms are not just a DIY arrangement beautifying a space, but a work of art.

Laura attends special life events – such as a weddings, birthday parties, or even corporate events. After reviewing the venue she will place herself in such a way that she can see a key element of the event, and then she spends her time during that event painting that key part of the event. By actually attending the event she gathers so much more depth and emotion than many photos are able. Each piece created by has it’s own charm and you can tell that she has captured the spirit of the event.

We are very excited to have our blooms turned into a work of art, equally so, we were excited to hear Laura’s experience with BBTB:

BBTB box arrived promptly in the morning … All of the stems were very long and the flowers all in excellent shape. Upon unloading the contents of the box, it was evident that there were way more flowers there than met the eye The anemones were my absolute favorite and continued to shift and rotate around like living things during the process of the painting … The peonies were hands down the most delicate and most difficult to paint!”

Thank you Laura for thinking of Blooms by the Box for your weekend project! Check out the whole process from arrival and her flower choice to her space, setup, and the final piece below:









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