blizzardSurely there is a good reason why Valentine’s Day is in February, but whoever decided the date clearly did not consider the shipping logistics involved with the month.   As we head into the high holy (for the flower market anyway) V-Day weekend, once again a major snow storm is roaring across the country.  This is going to wreak havoc on the millions of stems of fresh cut flowers that need to get where they are going this week!   The timing of gifts, parties, and especially fundraising events for the holiday do not allow for airport and trucking delays, but this is once again going to be a factor.   Flowers coming in from all over the world and especially from South America depend on airline freight carriers to the US.   Once in the US, (often landing in Miami), they then need to be distributed to the thousands of wholesalers across the country via trucking and airline freight haulers and common carriers such as UPS and FedEx.   Those wholesalers then must deliver the flowers via local or private trucking companies to the retail shops…. and there is simply no time for SNOW to slow things down. So everybody talks about the weather but no one does anything about it. We say move V-Day to a snow-free month!

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