BabiysBreathBaby’s Breath is a filler flower that I hesitate to mention to customers. Just hearing the name can produce a very strong negative reaction. One self-proclaimed “flower snob” that I spoke with recently said she would never consider using something as boring and passé as Baby’s Breath! When I attended a recent Garden Club show, one well-meaning attendee told me to hide my baby’s breath under the display table as no one in the audience would take me seriously if I used that worn out old stuff in one of our arrangements! I find this reaction rather amusing, because as fashions change, so does the popularity of certain flowers. Believe it or not, peonies and hydrangea were once out of style too!

I can’t help but wonder what “flower snobs” would say to Martha Stewart about the humble Baby’s Breath featured in this Wedding – Decorating For Less article. What a great, inexpensive way to create a breathtaking table for a wedding or party! And be careful what you say, because if Martha likes it, Baby’s Breath may be making a comeback!

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