Crazy as it may seem to Americans, the Calla Lily is considered a weed in many of the African countries where it originated.  Also known as the Pig Lily in South Africa, it grows in large clumps and must be cleared before construction projects can begin.  Grown from a bulb called a tuber, the Calla Lily will grow and bloom continuously in the damp rich soil in warm, humid climates.

A large portion of the US cut flower supply of Calla lilies are grown in South America where the conditions are perfect.  This makes the availability in the wholesale flower market continuous and consistent throughout the year.  Calla lilies come in a wide variety of colors including the traditional white, as well as yellow, orange, burgundy, gold, pink, and purple.  They also come in large and mini sizes.

Closed-cut Calla Lilies

The classic large white calla lily is typically a 6-8 inch flower on a long 18-24 inch stem.  There are two variations known as “open-cut” and “closed-cut.”  The closed-cut calla lily is cut from the plant while the bloom is still tightly curled, while the open-cut is more mature and the bloom has opened more fully.  Open-cut calla lilies are more fragile and pack fewer in a box and thus are more expensive. And by the way, closed-cut calla lilies will not open up!

Open-cut Calla Lilies

Brides have been walking down the aisle for years with a simple hand-tied bouquet of white Calla lilies, and it continues to represent classic taste and style…. in this part of the world anyway!

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