rose packs
It may come as a surprise to anyone who has not seen or purchased roses out of the wholesale market, but wholesale roses are not sold by the dozen! They are almost always sold in pre-bundled packs of 25 stems. It is one of the few cut-flower industry standards that is widely adopted by rose growers around the world. When you first look at a bundle of wholesale roses from the top, you will see 12 or 13 tightly closed blooms arranged in 3 rows or a circular pattern. More than one DIY bride has freaked at the thought of being short half of her rose order. Thankfully though once the bundle is opened, relief comes quickly as the other half of the roses are found carefully packed directly below the top layer. This unique bundle design, which is often almost square on the end, allows for efficient packing in shipping boxes. Depending on the stem length and bloom size, rose bundles can then be packed in standard multiples within one flower shipping box.
So Why 25 roses in a bundle? Our best guess is that it guarantees two perfect one dozen rose bouquets – with one rose as a spare for handling any possible mishaps!

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