So you’re looking for just the perfect flowers for your dream wedding? Believe it or not, well back in the day, brides used to carry flowers for a slightly less romantic reason: to ward off evil spirits! Back then, instead of flowers, they carried a mix of pungent herbs and spices to drive away bad luck. Since then, of course, floral bouquets have long been the favorite for brides to carry down the aisle on their special day.

Photographed by Alisa Anton

Brides of all kinds have their own reasons why they choose specific flowers for their weddings. Perhaps it is a family tradition, or they have heard stories about a certain flower. Have you ever wondered about the meanings of flowers and where they came from?

Folklore and myth have always been an important aspect of storytelling. You might not realize that the stories about the meanings of certain flowers have been passed down from generation to generation and are still referenced today!


Floral Folklore Examples




Also known as bachelor buttons, they were worn by young men who were in love with a particular woman. If the color of the bloom faded when worn on a lapel, that meant the love was not reciprocated.


Featured on Borrowed and Blue and photographed by Arrowood Photography.




A summer and autumn-time favorite, sunflowers are known to blindly follow the path of the sun for nourishment and warmth. They have come to symbolize obsession and naïve passion. Sometimes we do things before thinking them thorough- sunflowers are thought to do the same when chasing the sun.


Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Ulysses Photography.




Named for Paeon, a Greek physician to the gods, the peony myth describes a plant that liked to be left alone. If someone moved it or removed a bloom, the peony plant would punish the individual by not blooming flowers for many years. This could explain why a peony plant may not bloom flowers each season in your yard.


Featured on Wedding Chicks and photographed by Love & You Studios.



Virgo, the goddess of wheat and the harvest was said to have sprinkled stardust over the earth which then created asters. Some even think that the shape of asters resembles a twinkling star.


Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Ethan Yang Photography.




Another name for this flower is “windflower.” According to the lore, anemones only bloom when the wind blows over their buds.


Featured on 100 Layer Cake and photographed by Sarah Jozsa.


Do you think you will consider a flower’s story or background before choosing your wedding flowers? Think outside of the box and design your flowers with you in mind as well. Tell us all about your flower journey and the stories you picked up along the way! We can’t wait!!

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