July and August are very popular months for weddings. However, having a summer wedding also means the potential for extremely hot weather. Flowers can be quite sensitive and if left out in high temperatures, their vase life can drastically diminish. We have put together a list to help resolve this challenging issue with some of the hardiest blooms to liven up your outdoor summer wedding!


your outdoor summer wedding

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Carnations are not only one of the most popular flowers but also can withstand the heat. They just need a good source of water to quench their thirst and keep them fresh. A tip to keep your carnations hydrated is to cut their stems above the nodes or bumps on their stems. On its journey up a stem, water has to go through many obstacles including nodes. Water will have a much easier time traveling up to the blooms if stems are cut in this manner.


your outdoor summer wedding

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This versatile flower can be used in almost any wedding arrangement! These blooms hold up extremely well in the heat because of their petal structure and their ability to preserve their water supply. With proper care, they will thrive all day in hot weather. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, mums are the perfect bloom for any wildflower wedding arrangement!


your outdoor summer wedding

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This tropical bloom naturally likes weather! Dress up any outdoor affair with this unique flower that your guests will be wowed by. Protea grows in arid locations and is tolerant of harsh conditions due to its nature. Keep this flower in water but don’t worry about its viability as it will last the entirety of your event!


your outdoor summer wedding

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These popular blooms are loved by brides all over because of its waxy and silver appearance. Succulents hold moisture in its petals making them the optimal flower for warm outdoor gatherings. Wire succulents into bouquets or use single blooms in centerpieces for a tropical or antique garden feel.


your outdoor summer wedding

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Also known as Peruvian lilies, alstroemeria can be paired with almost any flower to create the perfect arrangement. This hardy bloom can withstand high temperatures and comes in an array of bright colors to go with any theme! Alstroemeria is also budget-friendly as they are low cost and have multiple blooms per stem. What do you love most about this bloom?


your outdoor summer wedding

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It is important to select the correct flowers for the type of event you host! Do not select flowers that won’t survive the heat. Can you suggest any other flowers to beat the heat? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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