Check out some of our newest press! We are thrilled to share that we are featured on Wedding Planner Magazine. Our very own Joan Wyndrum gives advice on how to care for wholesale flowers for outdoor events. Use these tips and tricks when creating your DIY floral designs and your blooms will thrive in any environment!

Wedding Planner Magazine

Flowers for outdoor weddings require special care, especially in warmer weather. Joan says the following:

“Some flowers are more heat resistant and others more susceptible to high temperature. It is important to know which are which so you can identify situations where flowers need to be actively protected from the elements. Flowers that can withstand warmer temperatures include succulents, standard roses, carnations, call lilies, daisies, dahlias, freesia, orchids, irises, and sunflowers. Hardy fillers include thistle, scabiosa pods, and brunia. Tropical flowers and greens like anthurium, ginger, protea, pincushions, leucadendron, and birds of paradise can also handle direct sunlight and heat.”

Wedding Planner Magazine

Photographed by Sunshower Photography

Providing the care the flowers need will help to maintain their longevity. According to Joan, you should take these vital steps:

“As soon as flowers are received, stems should be cut on a 45-degree angle with a sharp knife or scissors to ensure that they can easily absorb water. Keep them in their original packaging for the first two hours of hydration. Remove the packaging a few hours later to allow flowers to bloom. Change water daily. Use a commercial flower food to keep water clean and provide cut flowers with extra nutrients. Do not place your flowers in a regular refrigerator where you store food. Flowers can become “sick” if exposed to food bacteria. After flowers have been arranged, they should be kept in a cool place and their water should be refreshed often. If the venue has a walk-in cooler, ask if you can store your couple’s flowers there prior to the event. Make sure arrangements are sprayed with a product like Crowning Glory to preserve their freshness. It’s like AquaNet hairspray for flowers!”

Outdoor weddings are very trendy but do require work and preparation. We know that if you follow this guide, your outdoor wedding and blooms will stand up to the heat. They will look absolutely gorgeous!

Wedding Planner Magazine

Photographed by Courtney Shapiro


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