We’re exited to announce The Sunset Desert Pack, the latest addition to our collection of curated flower packs! This pack features flowers in warm, vibrant shades of peach, lavender, cream and burgundy to resemble the glow of a setting sun. You can customize this pack to create the sunset of your choice! Pair peach and coral roses to mimic a glowing sunset over a desert canyon, or use lavender roses with burgundy snapdragons for a dusty, moody desert effect. The rough, dry textures of Thistle Dynamite and Scabiosa give the illusion of dried cacti and desert landscape, while adding dimension to your bouquet or centerpiece.











Sunset Desert Pack

  • 25 stems Rose 40 cm in Cream, Blush, or Peach
  • 25 stems Rose 40 cm in Lavender, Coral, Orange, or Red
  • 2 bunches Spider Mums in Lavender or White
  • 2 bunches Snapdragons in Burgundy, Purple, Lavender, or Orange
  • 2 bunches Hypericum Berries in White, Peach, Pink or Burgundy
  • 2 bunches Scabiosa Pods
  • 2 bunches Thistle Dynamite
  • 2 bunches Eucalyptus Bonsai

The Sunset Desert Wedding Flower Pack makes about 10-12 medium sized arrangements. This means you can make 4-6 bouquets and 4-6 centerpieces or any combination of arrangements! 




Arrange these flowers in a wild-overgrown bouquet for a lost in the desert look, or in a metallic vase for a gilded desert oasis effect. Style your arrangements with succulents or mini cacti to enhance the desert vibe.

Create this DIY Sunset Desert Compote Centerpiece


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