ridgemontWith the annual trek back to school comes the sudden and urgent need to raise funds for the year. Sports teams, band, and choir groups, dance schools, PTOs, youth groups, booster clubs, drama clubs… the list goes on and on… you all realize that they need simple, fun, popular and profitable ways to raise money for their activities. Next month in central Ohio is a fantastic expo that will have hundreds of ideas for doing just that. Info on that expo is at www.cofundraisingexpo.com if you are in the area. Another great online resource is a fundraising directory at www.fundraisingweb.org.

Selling cut flowers for fundraising has always been extremely popular – and for many reasons:

1. The profit margins can be very high – often 200%-300%.

2. The price point for the flowers offered can be adjusted to suit the venue. For example, single flowers might be sold for $1.00, while full bouquets could sell in the $20.00 range.

3. The fundraising event can be timed to coordinate with a particular event, holiday, or season.

4. Lead times for ordering and preparation times are short for flowers so last minute sales can be pulled together.

5. Wholesale flowers can be purchased in bulk and arranged before the event, or pre-assembled bulk bouquets can be sold requiring NO pre-preparation.

6. Cut flowers last a couple of weeks typically, so they can be sold over and over throughout the year.

7. Flower orders can be pre-sold for extra profit security and reduced risk, but are equally suited for “day- of” sales.

So why not try flowers this year if you have not before? For more information or questions, check out Fundraising ideas.

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