Fundraising with FlowersAs a member of Greek Life at Rutgers, I know how difficult it is to set up fundraisers that actually make a good amount of money for the chapter. We’ve tried everything from selling candy (which most people just ate), to considering volunteering as a group for medical experiments.

Two years ago, my coworkers and I created to be a place where the general public could buy quality wholesale flowers for low prices. It was around Valentine’s Day when my fraternity was in need of a fundraiser. I decided to bring back some of our fresh-cut flowers, wrap them, and sell them. On an investment of $150, we made just over $300.

The process was so easy with a couple brothers helping, that we decided to do the fundraiser several more times. Each time we just gave the extra flowers to our girlfriends. It was really a win-win for everyone. And the turnaround was fast. No waiting to get a check from a fundraising company. We ordered the flowers on Monday, they arrived Tuesday, and we nearly doubled our money by that night.

Recently, we added a fundraising section to our site because of how successful it’s been. We now have pre-made bouquets which totally eliminate the work.

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