Carnations and roses are the most popular fundraising flower. Carnations are very inexpensive, easy to work with, and are last a week or more. They come in a variety of colors with red, white and pink being the most popular for fundraising. They can be purchased in bunches of 25 stems, with discounts given as the quantity increases. Typically they can be sold at 200-300 percent mark up for a tremendous profit! For an even more profitable item, we suggest a simple bouquet of 2-3 flowers and adding a stem of leather leaf fern and a stem of gypsophila (baby’s breath).

Single Rose BouquetRoses are also very popular for fundraising, especially around the Valentine’s Day holiday! As with carnations, they can be sold by the stem or simply arranged. We recommend using 40 cm or 50 cm stem roses for most events as they are less expensive. All roses are sold in bunches of 25 stems, with a discounts given at larger quantities. For Valentines Day, red roses are the most popular, but their prices jump dramatically, so plan your pricing ahead of time. For a higher priced and more profitable item, we also recommend a simple bouquet of 1 rose with a stem of leather leaf fern and a stem of gypsophila (baby’s breath).

Another option to consider is bulk bouquets, which are already assembled and ready to sell! With a variety of sizes, price ranges and flower selections, they are a perfect solution for quick and profitable fundraising with a minimum of preparation.

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