Whether or not you have decided to take the budget route for your wedding, you have to see these statistics! Based on The Knot‘s most recent survey of 20,000 brides in the US, the national average wedding spend is $29,858 (excluding the honeymoon). If you think that is a lot, check out the averages for places in and around the NYC area! Those averages are a large percentage greater than the national average. (Good thing that’s where we offer free shipping!)


So what do all these numbers mean? Simply put, weddings are expensive. And they are the most expensive in places around the New York /New Jersey area. There are clear differences in weddings in these places compared to the rest of the US. More of The Knot’s statistics reveal that below:

  • Cost of Weddings: New York City (Manhattan) and Long Island have the highest average wedding spend ($86,916 and $57,343, respectively), and Utah and Idaho brides had the lowest average wedding spend ($16,816 and 16,159 respectively), excluding honeymoon.
  • Marriage Age: The NYC Outer Boroughs and Nevada have the oldest brides (33.1 and 32.3 years respectively), whereas Utah and West Texas have the youngest brides (25.7 and 26.7 years), on average.
  • Engagement Length: Idaho and Rhode Island brides have the longest engagements (21.8 and 20.3 months respectively), while brides in Wyoming and Utah have the shortest (10.5 and 10.6 months), on average.
  • Wedding Size: On average, Nebraska and Iowa brides have the largest number of wedding guests (222 and 195 respectively), and Nevada and Hawaii brides still have the smallest number of wedding guests (63 and 81).
  • Wedding Style: Savannah, GA, and Hawaii have the most casual weddings (41% and 38% respectively), while Manhattan and North/Central NJ had the most formal (black-tie) weddings (40% and 35% respectively).
  • Wedding Dress Spend: Brides in Manhattan and Long Island, NY, spend the most on their dresses ($3,027 and $2,160 respectively), while Alaskan and Oklahoman brides spend the least ($804 and $859 respectively).
  • Honeymoon: Couples from West Virginia (89%), Utah (88%) and Tennessee (88%) are most likely to book a honeymoon, while couples in Alaska and Nevada are still least likely to honeymoon (43% and 44% respectively).
  • Gift Registry: Brides in Iowa and Nebraska are the most likely to register for wedding gifts (98% and 97% respectively), while brides in Hawaii and Nevada are least likely to register (62% and 69% respectively).


Formal themes and expensive dresses are found most by brides in the NYC area, making weddings in those places so expensive. So what is the solution for a budget bride located in one of the most expensive places to have a wedding?  Make more affordable, but still effectual, compromises on some areas of the wedding, such as the venue, theme, flowers, decor, bridesmaids, food, favors, honeymoon, stationary, etc. Read our post for a more detailed description on how to cut costs in those areas, creating a budget wedding for someone with expensive taste.

Photo and statistics taken from The Knot.

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