How to Plan a Budget Wedding – 10 Ways To Pull It Off


Although this meme is pretty hilarious, it speaks to some pretty scary truths about wedding planning these days. First of all, it’s not as customary for parents to pay for their children’s weddings, so that could mean it’s YOUR savings spent on a five hours. Second, who wants to actually blow their parents’ hard earned savings if they are paying for it? Third, this meme has a point, is it really practical to put that money into 5 hours, or would it be more practical to put a down-payment on a home or toward a future investment for example? If these points hit home with you, you probably are looking to plan a budget wedding, of course one that still rocks! Yes, wedding planning on a budget can be hard work, but it would be more than worth it to walk away knowing that you did right by your family and your future. After all, we are handed a different hand in this life. For whatever reason you want to throw a budget wedding, OWN IT.

If you have decided to take the budget route pick a few areas that you can compromise on. Even just swapping a few things for the budget’s sake can save thousands…

How to Plan a Budget Wedding
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There are a couple ways you can get a bargain on a venue. Get married on a Friday or Sunday during the off-season (winter). Hold the ceremony and reception at the same location to get a good deal. Try to book as close to the wedding date as possible, as time goes on venues rather book a wedding for less than not have a booking at all.


Rustic and Vintage weddings are money savers. You can use pre-used items that are more beautiful than you imagine. You can even re-purpose things you already have. Ask friends and family to help complete your theme, they will probably be happy to participate. This will also give you a lot of freedom in choosing a venue.


Buy fresh wholesale flowers online. This is a no brainer, you can literally save thousands, but make it easy on yourself. Don’t try to make crazy, huge, technical designs. Pick simple arrangements and get enough flowers to spread small arrangements all over your venue. A bunch of smaller arrangements can have the same impact as a few large ones! If you need help figuring all this out, BloomsByTheBox is the best resource for DIY brides who need help through the DIY flower process, go visit the website, watch the videos, call the staff, and get your free consultation!


Do your research. It’s really easy to float around the internet and find something you love and impulse buy it. A lot of times you can get an inflated price when impulse buying (and you might even end up with a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t really go together). If you find something you adore, look around for other places to purchase, compare prices, compare the price of making it on your own, then make a decision.

Budget Wedding - simple


Having a huge wedding party gets expensive. There are a lot of costs associated for both them and you. Try to cap off your bridesmaid count to 5 or 6 people. If you end up with 10 bridesmaids and spend $100 per thank you gift just that alone totals $1,000.  Then each one of them needs a bouquet, and some of them may not be willing to pay for a dress. Then you will need to match that number in groomsmen, who then each need a gift, boutonniere, etc… You see how this is starting to snowball into thousands of dollars? Point made.


Catering can get extremely expensive. If you have 100 people you can spend upwards of $10,000 on food alone. The most popular budget saving options include buffet style serving, BBQ style food options, food trucks, and candy stations instead of a huge cake.


Etsy is the most awesome resource the wedding industry could have been gifted. You can get all of your vases, decor (like these flags below), and specialty items at an extremely affordable price. Specifically customized signage cannot be found at better prices than on Etsy.



You can pay thousands and thousands for a week at an all inclusive island vacation for your honeymoon. OR you can keep an eye on groupon for a deal the peaks your interest. We are all different in terms of vacation preference but no matter what you can find something perfect on Groupon, including trips in Greece, Rome, and much more that include airfare!


Don’t spend too much money on something that people will most likely discard at some point. There are ways to get beautiful invitations without going crazy. Ann Bridal’s Bargains will have you thrilled! You can do your invitations for UNDER $100!!


What you can afford is more than good enough. Believe it, own it, embrace it.  Once you accept that you will have a much easier time staying in the budget and being happy with the result.


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