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Ivy Variegated

Common Names: Variegated Ivy

This item is sold by the bunch.

1 or more bunches $25.92 per bunch
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Give a romantic feel to your décor and floral arrangements with variegated ivy from Blooms by the Box. These beautiful ivy vines feature green leaves with pale yellow and white markings. The self-branching leaves are dispersed throughout the long wood stems of this vined foliage. Ivy can be used as filler greenery in DIY floral arrangements or it can be used to add décor to your event venue.

Variegated ivy can add a rustic and elegant touch to any celebration or event. Use it to create fresh topiaries, garlands and swags. You can also use ivy vines to adorn pews, wrap arches and drape candelabras at a wedding. If you’d like to incorporate it into a bouquet, it makes a lovely filler for a cascading effect. Ivy also represents fidelity, friendship, affection and wedded love, making it the perfect décor for any wedding.

Variegated ivy vines are sold by the bunch from Blooms by the Box. Every bunch contains 10 to 12 vine stems.

Size: stems about 30 inches long

Vase Life: 5-10 days depending on environmental conditions
Availability: All year
Suggestions: Use ivy for weddings! It is perfect for adorning pews, wrapping arches, and draping the candelabra. It can also be used as a filler in almost any bouquet, especially the cascading bouquet. It has a rustic and elegant look!

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