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Leather Leaf Fern (1/2 Box)

This item is sold by the bunch in multiples of 25.

25 or more bunches

$10.69 per bunch



  • * Actual product may vary from image.

Common Names: Bakers Fern

If you are drawn to the Leather Leaf Fern, you are in good company. It is one of our most popular types of green filler. This fern (formally called Rumohra Adiantiformis) is native to South America, the Caribbean, South Africa, the Western Indian Ocean islands and Papua New Guinea, and is perfect for the bride or DIYer who prefers to stick to the classics. They are as classic and timeless of a choice as a bride choosing to wear pearls. As one of our most widely used wedding filler, bulk leather leaf fern, also called “Baker’s Fern,” features a thin stem that gives way to a triangular-shaped web of dark green, leathery fronds. This highly versatile type of greenery can be used for anything from creating a cascading bridal bouquet to a simple boutonniere. For the bride who is looking for a modern twist on the traditional floral and fern bouquet, we suggest omitting the flowers and accenting bunches of leather leaf ferns with other types of greenery. 


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