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Orange Freesia Flower - bunches

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 to 4 bunches

$23.63 per bunch

5 or more bunches

$21.25 per bunch



  • * Actual product may vary from image.

As soothing and captivating as the color of a sunset painting an evening sky, orange freesia will invigorate any arrangement with its vibrant hue. Each funnel-shaped bloom features shades of orange, yellow and even a touch of a deeper reddish-orange on the edges of the petals. As many as eight freesia blossoms form a loose cluster at the top of each stalk. Not only is freesia visually beautiful, but its lovely citrus-like scent also fills a room, making it a popular choice for many celebratory occasions, especially weddings.

Native to Africa, the freesia flower has come to symbolize thoughtfulness, innocence, sweetness, friendship, and trust. Botanist Christian P. Ecklon gave these blooms their name in honor of his close friendship with fellow botanist and physician, Friedrich H.T. Freese. Freesias are widely used in a range of informal and formal floral displays, including bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. Available year round, these versatile freesia flowers look as lovely when grouped with orange cockscomb, yellow calla lilies, and sunflowers for an autumn celebration as they do with pink spray roses, light blue delphinium and lush greenery for springtime events. 

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