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Freesia White Flower by the bunch

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 or more bunches

$23.63 per bunch



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Graceful and elegant, white freesias captivate with their beauty and lovely fragrance. Featuring as many as eight, trumpet-shaped flowers that form a cluster atop each thin stalk, freesias are one of the most popular floral choices for weddings and other special occasions. Thanks to their white hue and classic shape, freesias look beautiful alongside many other types of flowers. Whether they’re used as the filler of a bouquet or as the foundation of centerpieces, they can be paired with everything from roses to hydrangeas to succulents. For an angelic design, include them in an all-white arrangement, or for a rustic, carefree look, group them with snapdragons, delphinium, wax flowers, and other wildflowers.

Native to South Africa, freesias were named by Danish botanist Christian P. Ecklon in honor of his good friend and fellow botanist and physician, Friedrich H.T. Freese. It comes as no surprise that this flower represents friendship, as well as thoughtfulness, innocence, sweetness, and trust.

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