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Aspidistra Greenery

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 to 29 bunches

$18.08 per bunch

30 or more bunches

$8.96 per bunch



  • * Actual product may vary from image.

Add some interesting green filler to your bouquet with wholesale Variegated Aspidistra from Blooms by the Box. Unlike single-color greenery, these lovely leaves feature a mixture of bright green and pale yellow stripes. Aspidistra is a hardy and long-lasting floral green that adds a tropical flair to any DIY floral arrangement. The shiny leaves are long and wide and have a tendency to curve to the right or left for a more interesting texture.

Variegated Aspidistra can be used in tropical-themed centerpieces for beach weddings. It can also be used as a filler greenery in a variety of different styles of floral arrangements. One lovely use for this lovely greenery is to pair it with white calla lilies to create a modern look. It is also said that Aspidistra represents values and respectability.



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