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Ming Fern Greens

This item is sold by the bunch.

1 or more bunches

$24.16 per bunch



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Give your DIY floral arrangements an evergreen touch with Ming Fern from Blooms by the Box. This lovely filler green features long branched stems that are covered in puffy clusters of soft, green needles. These needles closely resemble Christmas tree needles on a smaller scale. Ming Ferns are perfect greenery for any kind of bouquet or centerpiece. The voluminous bunches take up a lot of space and help to quickly fill out arrangements.

Ferns symbolize confidence, shelter, wealth and happiness. This makes them a wonderful filler green for floral arrangements for all occasions. While the needles of the Ming Fern definitely make it a great option for winter décor, this greenery works well for all season. It is especially popular in corsages and boutonnieres at weddings.


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