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Nageia Nagi

Common Names: Nagi, Asian Bayberry

This item is sold by the bunch.

1 or more bunches
$15.75 per bunch
QUANTITY:   bunches
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With green, glossy, lance-shaped leaves with green-to-reddish-brown stems, Nagi is a striking addition to any arrangement. There are approximately 7-10 stems per bunch.

Size: 12"-18” stem length, 0.75 to 2.5” green leaves

Vase Life: 7-10 days depending on environmental conditions

Availability: Limited, varies between seasons

Suggestions: Use this greenery for any DIY wedding! It is beautiful for creating an older rustic look. The rustic look is beautiful with pale colors like peach, cream, beige, white, and light pastels and pinks.

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