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Protea Pincushion Red

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Formally known as Leucospermum, a flowering plant from the Proteaceaeuse family, this eye-catching red flower is more commonly known as the red protea pincushion. As the floral version of a sewing pincushion, these blooms lend an exotic touch to any bouquet, centerpiece or boutonniere. They add the perfect accent to the décor of a beach wedding or aid in transforming a reception hall, ceremony or other venue into a tropical destination. There are many ways to incorporate pincushions into your floral designs with one of our favorites being mixing them with red dahlias, blue thistle, yellow-orange roses and orange cockscomb for a tropical sunset palette. When going for a lush, romantic feel, complement them with hydrangea, roses, hypericum berries and green foliage. Pincushions truly have a place in year-round bouquets. In addition to capturing the warmth of summer months, they are ideal for fall arrangements. Group them with similarly deep hues accented with succulents, lotus pods, and yellow and orange blooms for the quintessential autumn masterpiece. 

Size: 2" to 3" bloom width
Vase Life: 6-8 days depending on environmental conditions
Availability: Sporadically throughout the entire year.
Suggestions: This tropical treasure works wonderfully in DIY bouquets with roses or calla lilies and succulents. Use smooth-textured flowers and solid colors to accent this dynamic bloom.

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