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Peony Light Pink

Common Names: Blush Pink Peony, Light Pink Peonies, Pale Pink Peony

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Magnificent light pink peony flowers are a wedding flower classic!  Elegant pale pink ruffled petals make up a lush showy head - a star focal flower in any arrangement or bouquet!  
Size: Peony flowers are about 3-6" inches across.  Peony stem length is 12-14".The later in the growing season, the smaller the flower head size will be.
Vase life: 7 to 10 days depending on environmental conditions.
Availability: May - mid July.  As they are field-grown, peony availability is highly weather-dependent.
Suggestions: Peonies need at least a day or two to fully open before your event if you would like them to be fully opened. If you would like a combination of open and closed peony flowers for texture, keep some peonies in cool water stored in a cool place. (But never in a refrigerator!) The peonies you want fully open should be stored in room temperature in lukewarm water.
Please note: We do not sell specific varieties of peonies, only generic color. Color variation can be expected.
Check out our tutorial on how to make a DIY Peony Bouquet!

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