While we’re on the subject of wedding flowers, I have to mention a flower that is giving the rose a run for it’s money when it comes to popularity, the peony! I mentioned before that I get a lot of phone calls about hydrangea, well, multiply that figure by 3 for peonies. There are so many reasons why these flowers are so adored.

1. They are large, fluffy blooms that add a delicate texture to bouquets and arrangements.

2. Peonies are a good alternative to the traditional rose.

3. There are so many different varieties, all unique and beautiful in their own right.

4. They pair very well with greenery and other flowers.

5. Peonies are arguably one of the most gorgeous flowers in the industry.

6. Every variety comes in varying shapes, sizes, colors, etc…

7. They work exceptionally well in bouquets.

And the list goes on…

But to be honest, I think the reason behind the peony’s high demand is their sporadic nature. Nobody wants something that they can get all the time. And because peonies are only available during certain growing seasons this makes them very exclusive. Clearly, the age old saying that “you always want what you can’t have” supports my theory. So in my opinion, peonies’ stubborn growing seasons paired with their volatile availability adds to the basis of their appeal.

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