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Peony Pink

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First introduced in 1906 by a French breeder and named for the famous French actress, the Sarah Bernhardt Peony is taller than other peonies, growing to approximately 37 inches. The peony’s flower boasts a full, showy head resting on a long, slender stem. The ruffled petals have such a fluffy appearance that they at times resemble a ball of soft cotton. Of all the beautiful bridal flowers, peonies are the most popular. Their elegant, round shape and interesting texture make them a natural element for bouquets and larger floral arrangements — and that’s not to mention their delightful scent! This pink peony (Sarah Bernhardt variety) is bright and bold, yet delicate and very feminine. It’s the ideal flower for a wedding, bridal shower, baby girl shower or birthday party.

Size: 3.5-5" wide flower (when open some are larger), stem length 12-14"

Vase Life: Once open peonies will last anywhere from 4-6 days, depending on environmental conditions.

Availability: varied

Suggestions: Mix with lavender, purple lisianthus, white roses and green foliage for a dreamy, romantic bouquet. Place pine peonies in an old pewter pitcher for a rustic, country-style look. For indoor wedding ceremonies performed in a private home, decorate a hanging chandelier with peonies, roses, greenery and hanging crystals or beads for a gorgeous “altar alternative.”

Check out our tutorial on how to make a DIY Peony Bouquet!


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