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Peony Red

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Deep and mysterious, these luscious deep red peony flowers will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your spring or summer wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. As the most popular bridal flower, peonies are true superstars, commanding attention wherever they are, in a bridal bouquet, surrounding an altar, in small personalized vases as place settings or within a large, dramatic table centerpiece. Its showy full head sits atop a long and slender stem, and the bloom, with its many ruffled petals, resembles a cotton ball. The peony’s round, appealing shape and textured appearance is very inspiring, making them easy to work with.

Size: 3.5-5" wide flower (when open some are larger), stem length 12-14"

Vase Life: Once open, peonies will last anywhere from 4-6 days depending on environmental conditions.

Availability: May through mid-July

Suggestions: A romantic, dramatic bridal bouquet can be made with deep red, peach and white peonies along with vibrant, broad-leafed greens and delicate, wispy vines. Use red peonies mixed with pink and orange flowers and greens to create a stunning floral archway for a memorable outdoor wedding.

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