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Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace

1 or more bunches

$25.50 per bunch



  • * Actual product may vary from image.
  • * This item is sold by the bunch.

Common Names: Wild Carrot

An excellent choice for any rustic or vintage DIY flower arrangement, Queen Anne’s Lace brings an airy, delicate texture that can’t be mimicked. Our wholesale Queen Anne’s Lace provides a romantic feel, with lacy, flat-topped clusters of small white buds. These beautiful blooms make an excellent filler flower with neutral white tones that go with blossoms of any color. Grace your DIY wedding bouquets or centerpieces with these beauties from May to October! You can also style them alone in a vintage vase for a fresh, charming design with an antique feel. Order as few or as many bunches as you need for your small or large floral design endeavors.


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