Tools For Arranging Your Wholesale Flowers and Greens

With the right tools, anyone can turn beautiful wholesale flowers and greens into stunning arrangements! Different wholesale flowers, including wholesale roses, lilies, carnations, hydrangeas, daisies and greens can require different tools to maximize vase life and to simplify design and arranging. Many of these tools and supplies are offered in our wholesale floral foam, wholesale floral supplies and wholesale wedding supplies pages.


Oasis Foam or water holding foam is a highly absorbent floral foam. It is best for fresh plants, because it holds water and is easy to penetrate. Leave a space between the foam and the sides of the container so water can be added to the flowers. This softer, finer foam is also preferable for standard silks and dried arrangements. It is perfect for inserting either thick or fragile stems.

Waterproof tape is an all-purpose method used to secure wet foam to containers. It comes in three colors: white, green and clear. The tape is waterproof and pressure sensitive. Once adhered to a dry surface, it will remain firm and in place even when exposed to moisture. It sticks on pottery, metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics... almost anything. Available in 1/4-inch width, this tape is used to secure foam into a container by securing the tape to one side of the container, over the foam, then securing it to the other side. Most often, it is criss-crossed for added stability. It can be used to anchor flowers in vases and can also be used to anchor pillar and taper holders securely in place.

Waterproof clay is the designers' tool for positioning candles and figurines. It will also anchor dry materials like anchor pins to each other or to vases; frogs to bases, dry foam to bases etc. It is waterproof and heat proof; can assist in positioning and holding ribbons and tissue, and will hold fruit in place for cornucopia displays. Make sure the surface is absolutely dry and free of dust or the clay won't stick.

Floral stem tape is a strong stretchable tape that adheres to itself without sticking to your fingers. It is the ideal way to lengthen and strengthen stems. It is used when creating corsages, bouquets, headpieces, cascades, nosegays or boutonnieres. As the tape is stretched, the adhesive material is activated. Floral stem tape is available in several colors.

Floral wires or stem wires are used to lengthen and support stems and for holding up the heads of flowers. In addition, floral wired can be used to attach arrangements to forms and for hanging arrangements, such as wreaths or swags. Floral wire comes in different gauge sizes, colors and styles. The higher the gauge number the more flexible and thinner the wire is. Floral wires come covered and uncovered as well as in different painted colors. Choose between spooled or pre-cut wires.

Greening Pins are slender stakes 3 inches or longer. They are used to secure flowers with fragile/weak stems to give them strength.

Wood Picks are slender stakes 3 inches or longer. They are secured to fragile/weak stems to give them strength.

Chenille Stems (or pipe cleaners) are used to secure the ribbon for making bows.

Pearl-head Corsage Pins are used in making corsages and boutonnieres.

Wire Cutters are used when shortening wire and trimming several thicknesses of wire. Scissors are not recommended for these tasks.

Pliers are used to form round ends and loops of wire or for beading and wire wrapping designs.

Floral Knives are used to cut flower stems.

Floral Shears are designed to cut floral stems without crushing them.

Pick Tool is used to crimp a sharp metal picks onto the stems of floral materials.

Pew Clips are small plastic hangers designed to hold small floral arrangements and clip onto the ends of pews. There are several types ranging from traditional, traditional with water vials, bridal vases or cages.

Candle cups are small, inexpensive containers designed to hold taper candles in floral foam. A necessity when making centerpiece arrangements that will have taper candles in it. Use floral clay to secure positioning of your candles.