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Protea Pincushion Yellow

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Striking in design, the yellow protea pincushion is a popular flower among those who crave something unique. Often referred to as pincushions, these blooms are native to South Africa and lend a distinct tropical touch to any centerpiece, bouquet or decorative floral arrangement. The bright hue adds warmth to an overall design and the “pins” replicate the rays of the sun, making it the ideal flower to incorporate into tropical arrangements. Group them with other tropical florals, such as bird of paradise, orchids and red ginger for the ultimate island feel. If you are striving for a monochromatic design, complement them with yellow ranunculus, yellow roses and just a few stems of green foliage such as dusty miller. Yellow proteas are also a favorite alternative to the traditional rose boutonniere, especially with men who prefer to wear something with a little bit of an edgy flair. Did you know that the protea pincushion dates back to about 300 million years ago? Greek legend says that proteas were named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon, and has a mythological association to change and transformation. 

Size: 2" to 3" bloom width
Vase Life: 6-8 days depending on environmental conditions
Availability: Sporadically throughout the entire year.
Suggestions: This tropical treasure works wonderfully in DIY bouquets with roses or calla lilies and succulents. Use smooth-textured flowers and solid colors to accent this dynamic bloom.


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