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Anthurium White

Common Names: Flamingo Lily or Tail Flower

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 5.

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5 or more stems $11.06 per stem
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Known around the world as a symbol of hospitality and openness, Anthurium is a must for anyone looking to make a statement with their wedding arrangements this year! While they have a very unique texture and come in eye-popping bright colors, they can be very versatile and used with a wide array of themes and color schemes. Pair them with Orchids for an exotic, tropical look, or combine them with Hydrangeas for a softer, more subtle feel! These tropical beauties come with one large bloom on each 25"-35" stem. 
Availability: All year
Suggestions: When you receive your flowers and remove them from their packaging, carefully submerge the blooms of the Anthurium in about 5 inches of lukewarm water. Be careful not to damage the blooms during this process! You can extend the vase life of these flowers by spraying their blooms with warm water once a day!
Please Note: Keep these flowers away from small children and pets, as they can be poisonous if consumed.

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