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Dahlias 5 Bunch (50 Stems) - Purples

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With their whimsical demeanor and regal hue, purple dahlias are a match made in floral heaven. When you shop our wholesale 5 bunch purple dahlias (50 stems), you will receive the freshest blooms delivered to your doorstep at an affordable value. See for yourself why so many DIY brides and event planners consider us their go-to source for bulk flowers. Dahlias have earned their place in the industry as one of the top wedding flowers. Their charming round shape and multitude of petals adds texture and depth to any bouquet, centerpiece or ceremonial décor. Purple dahlias are a terrific choice for late spring and summertime arrangements and are a pretty alternative to peonies and other lush blooms in terms of adding fullness to a design.

When you receive your box of purple dahlias, there may be variations in size, shape and color. This is to be expected as dahlias are known to produce lighter or darker shades as they grow. To keep them at their freshest, rehydrate them in fresh water when you receive them. Be sure to keep them in clean water at all times. Also remember to trim the leaves on the bottom of the stems before placing them in water.

Size:  stem length 14"-16" long.

Vase Life: This flower is highly dependent on hydration, do not be alarmed if when you receive them and they are dehydrated. They will perk up with a fresh cut and a drink of water! vase life is usually 3-5 days depending on environmental conditions.

Availability:  April/ Beginning of May - End of October

Keep in Mind - Dahlias are subject to color substitution throughout their season. Please note these shades tend to vary. THEY ARE ALSO SMALLER WHEN THEY ARE GOING OUT OF SEASON.

SEASONALITY NOTE: Dahlias are beginning to go out of season, which results in their blooms being smaller than normal. 

See one of our blog posts on how you can use Dahlias in your arrangements!


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