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Assorted Dahlias 10 Bunch X 10 Stem Box (100 Stems)

This item is sold by the box.

1 or more boxes $287.79 per box
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Dahlias are a popular best seller due to their spectacular, showy size and shape and bold color choices. When you purchase our assorted 100 stem dahlia box (10 bunches x 10 stems) you can take advantage of our affordable wholesale pricing. Available from June through October, dahlias fall right into the popular wedding season. Native to Mexico and parts of the South America, dahlias are available in a range of hues, including burgundy, chocolate, lavender, magenta, orange, peach, pink, dark pink, light pink, purple, dark purple, red, dark red, bright red, white and yellow. Keep in mind that when ordering your box, color substitutions and variations are very likely as they are constantly changing. Dahlias are shipped directly after being cut from the fields in order to make sure they are in peak condition for your event. Such variations include dahlias that have pointed petals one day and dahlias with rounded pointed petals the next. Our assorted color boxes will include any of the above mentioned colors.  

Colors, sizes, and shapes will greatly vary, but that is the beauty of this product, nature produces very beautiful variations!

Size: Stem length 14"-16" long.

Vase Life: This flower is highly dependent on hydration, do not be alarmed if when you receive them and they are dehydrated. They will perk up with a fresh cut and a drink of water! Vase life is usually 3-5 days depending on environmental conditions.

Availability:  End April/ Beginning of May - End of October

Keep in Mind - Dahlias are subject to color substitution throughout their season. Please note these shades tend to vary. THEY ARE ALSO SMALLER WHEN THEY ARE GOING OUT OF SEASON.

Dahlias are beginning to go out of season, which results in their blooms being smaller than normal. 

See one of our blog posts on how you can use Dahlias in your arrangements!

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