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Spring Love Blend FD Rose & Hydrangea Petals (30 Cups)

1 $63.00 each
2 to 3 $59.85 each
4 or more $56.70 each
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These premium freeze dried rose and hydrangea petals are a blend of soft ivory, pink, peach, bronze, and green colors. Packed in 30 cup bags, each cup contains about 35-40 petals depending on variety. They are biodegradable, non-staining & not slippery and can last for months. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT HYDRANGEA PETALS ARE SMALL SO THEY COME IN SMALL BUNCHES ATTACHED TO EACH OTHER. This is how they are different from rose petals (single petals). Flower Petal FAQ! You probably have a lot of questions, most of the answers you are looking for are right here, just click! Flower Petal FAQ!

Suggestions: Use flower petals to decorate tables, wedding aisles, and entrances. You can also give flower petals to guests to throw as you exit the ceremony instead of bubble or seeds.

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