I’m so excited to announce that Blooms By The Box now has freeze dried rose petals in stock! Now, before you ask why we chose to sell freeze dried rose petals instead of fresh, let me explain that freeze dried petals are not just a trend and actually a better alternative to fresh rose petals because…

1. They last longer than fresh rose petals.

Freeze dried rose petals have a reputation for lasting up to 1 year; however, we do not suggest you order them this far in advance. For optimum quality, we suggest that you order two to four weeks before your event and store them in a room temperature, dry place.

2. They are great for outdoor (and indoor) use.

Fresh rose petals are beautiful, but they are known to wilt and look “tired” after being removed from the rose head/stem… especially if they are used outdoors. Freeze dried rose petals will not shrivel or be affected by the outdoors because they have been through the freeze-drying process. They will not wilt!

3. We have done all the work for you, all you have to do is order them!

The process of freeze-drying rose petals takes a great deal of time and effort. After the roses are cut, we allow the roses open until they are at their peak. Then we pull the petals off one by one, separating the imperfect petals from the premium ones. Finally, the petals are loaded into a freeze drier to be cooled and dried.

Here’s a little tidbit about the process… The rose petals spend about 2 weeks in a freeze drier. They are then frozen to about -20 degrees Fahrenheit and a vacuum pump draws all the air out of the drier. The petals then go through a process called sublimation, where this extreme weather condition causes the petals to pass directly from a solid (ice) to a gas (water vapor). Since the petals are able to bypass the liquid stage of water, they remain in the shape it is frozen in without shriveling or decomposing. Lastly, the temperature of the drier is gradually increased to about room temperature over two weeks, ensuring all of the moisture in the petals was removed.

Even if you tried to pull all of the rose petals off of individual roses, it would take you a lot of time and a lot of effort!

4. You can order them in advance.

Unlike fresh rose petals, freeze dried rose petals do not need to be delivered the day of your event to be in good condition. As I said before, for the best quality, we suggest that you order two to four weeks before your event and store them in a room temperature, dry place.

5. You know what to expect.

If you use fresh rose petals, you never know how they are going to react, whether your wedding is indoors or out. When fresh rose petals are exposed to a lot of heat, too much light, not enough moisture, and so on… they start to wilt and their shape and color change. With freeze dried rose petals, you don’t have to worry about any of that because they are in a state where all those factors will not affect them.

However, the only element that freeze dried rose petals will not handle well is water. Although some claim you can submerge or float freeze dried rose petals, frankly, they just do not do well in water. While they do float, they will also reabsorb water. When this happens, they will discolor and lose their shape. You will eventually be left with soggy, shapeless petals.

The question is whether they will hold up long enough. If you wait until the last minute to put them in water and they remain undisturbed, the petals can look good for hours. But if you let them sit in water for a long time, they obviously will turn soggy much quicker. The best thing to do if you want to use them in water is to test run a sample first to see if you get your desired effect.

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