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Moonvista Dark Purple Fancy Carnation Flowers

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 25.

Stems/Bunch: 20

25 to 75 stems

$1.80 per stem

100 to 175 stems

$1.76 per stem

200 to 325 stems

$1.73 per stem

350 or more stems

$1.69 per stem



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Common Names: Moonvista Carns

Decadent, luxurious and long-lasting, these Moonvista carnation dark purple flowers make the perfect complement to your spring, summer or winter arrangements or bouquets. Carnations feature dimensional, ruffled blooms similar to peonies but cost significantly less. Use them as a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced peonies when you bunch three or four carnation flowers together in your one-of-a-kind arrangement! These deep blue-purple carnations are also very long-lasting and easy to care for, so they’re the perfect pick for any DIY wedding or event flowers. We love to see these deep eggplant-colored carns used to fill out hanging floral installations and flower walls, but they can also be styled alone in an apothecary jar or milk glass vase for vintage and whimsical centerpiece. Blooms by the Box sells carnations by the stem, with a minimum of 20 stems per order.  

Stems/Bunch: 20
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 18"-24" stems with 2"-3" flowers
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 10-12 days
Price Class: $
Suggestions:  Use on their own in an antique bottle for a rustic, whimsical purple flower centerpiece. These carnation flowers are also perfect for creating hanging floral installations!

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