Dahlia SALE
August 2016

The only thing better than dahlias themselves is dahlias ON SALE! It is so much easier to love things more when they are cheaper. And if you agree, this dahlia sale will have you head-over-heels and you will be partying with us all August!

dahlias 2500

One of the things we love about dahlias is that their size, shape, and color are unpredictable. No two blooms are the same. That probably doesn’t sound like a flower quality to love. But because their beauty never disappoints, the difference in bloom diameter, lack of a stamen, or shade of red does not matter.

So take a look at the wide variety of shapes and sizes in these dahlia head shots!

bright red dahlia

pink dahlia sale

burgundy dahlia sale

white dahlia sale

orange dahlia sale

purple dahlia sale

And for those of you looking for dark colored flowers, prepare to be amazed. The Chocolate dahlias are incredible. There is no exaggeration that they are near black with the smallest hint of burgundy on the outer petals.

chocolate dahlia sale

Stay tuned for some easy tricks and tutorials for arrangements you can make with these pretty blooms! Shop now and join in on the Dahlia SALE fun!

Sale runs from August 1, 2016 to August 31, 2016.

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