So you’ve chosen your wedding date, dress, and venue, now on to yet another monumental decision, the flowers. From an early age, every girl dreams of the day that she’ll walk down the aisle. Some envision a church adorned with roses, while others picture a beach with the sun and sand as the backdrop for the big day. Whatever your style may be, there is one constant theme – every bride will be carrying flowers down the aisle.

No matter what flowers you choose to carry, there are a few wedding bouquet trends that all brides should be aware of…

Monofloral or Assorted

The bridal bouquets of today are very different than to those of yesteryear. Today’s hot bouquets fall into two categories: the monofloral (otherwise known as the single-flower) bouquet and the assorted bouquet. The “monofloral” look compliments a more contemporary bride, as the bouquet only consists of one type bold, structured flower such as the mini calla lily. For a more romantic genre, roses are ideal.

Bouquet of Peonies, Hydrangea, and Hypericum

Bouquet of Peonies, Hydrangea, and Hypericum

On the contrary, assorted bouquets are made up of a number of flowers. In recent years, these whimsical creations have become even more prominent as brides form unique floral combinations. Creativity is at its peak, as brides are no longer just settling for just roses or just gerbera daisies in their bouquets. They are combining peonies, hydrangea, and hypericum for a more romantic texture.

Mix & Match

If you choose to create an assorted bouquet, mixing and matching is a must! The most memorable bouquets are those that incorporate both greenery and flowers. Greens like bupleurum, and ming fern add depth and texture to any bouquet. Additionally, fillers like the ever-popular gypsophila (baby’s breath) and wax flower will flatter a bouquet of mums, mini calla lilies, orchids, and hydrangea. Of course, this same rule applies to monofloral bouquets as well, as lemon leaf seems to effortlessly complement a neat bouquet of assorted roses.

Tied or Au Naturel

Typically, those brides who choose to carry monofloral bouquets prefer the “au naturel” look of exposed stems. However, the rulebook goes out the window when it comes to having your flowers’ stems methodically bound in ribbon or freely descending. Many brides today are carrying assorted bouquets with their natural stems exposed to add a playful touch to their ensemble, as tied bouquets are very polished. Both approaches are aesthetically pleasing, but also have to express your personality and overall theme of the wedding. To enhance a tied bouquet, many brides are adorning them with family heirlooms, such as a locket passed down through generations, and pendants.

Gorgeous Pink Bouquet

Gorgeous Pink Bouquet

Using Different Shades

Today’s brides are doing something with their wedding flowers that would have been a bit unconventional in past years. Instead of using a variety of colors for their floral arrangements, they are sticking to multiple arrays of hues of one particular color. For instance, choosing pink as the color of their choice and then incorporating light baby pink flowers as well as hot pink flowers in their bouquet. By doing this, a bride adds both character and individuality to their bridal bouquet.

Bouquet Shape

It seems as if no one can touch the round bouquet in popularity! Round bouquets compliment the wedding dress just enough that it doesn’t take any deserved attention away from the bride. They are clean and elegant! However, cascading bouquets with a modern twist seem to be making a comeback. The cascading bouquets aren’t as large as they once were, but still sport that “upside-down teardrop” shape, which creates movement. Ultimately, this aspect of the cascading bouquet creates just a tad bit of drama as you walk down the aisle.

Creative Bouquet

Creative Bouquet

Think Outside The Box

Innovation is what will make your bridal bouquet memorable. Although many brides want their bouquets to be traditional in the sense that they use flowers, adding other “outside the box” nonfloral elements would only enhance your bouquet. For instance, berries, feathers, seashells, pearls, or crystals would give any bride’s bouquet that extra “Wow” factor.

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