After the extremely long hype leading to the Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake wedding, we finally get some photos! Some aspects live up to all the hype, like the glamorous week-long vacation for guests in the most romantic place in the world, Italy. Or, the beautiful flowers that could be the perfect inspiration for your bridal bouquet and centerpieces. On the other hand, some aspects of the wedding don’t measure up to the 6 million dollar wedding price tag. Some may disagree, but let’s break down the wedding photos featured in People Magazine!

Number one. Tell me if you think I am wrong, but I don’t like the dress, at all. In fact, to me, it looks like an 80’s prom dress. Just saying! I think we were all expecting Jessica Biel to at least show off her amazing figure! It is not so much the color or the pattern but the shape of the dress in addition to the nontraditional and outdated pattern. I get it, she wanted to look youthful, fun, and like a princess, but I think all of those things could have been done in a MUCH more flattering way. From the side Jessica looks like she is hiding a baby bump, why would she risk even starting that rumor with such a fluffy dress! That may be the only thing that bothered me about this wedding so now let’s get to all the good stuff!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Wedding Bouquet

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

THE FLOWERS: AMAZING STUFF. Not to toot to my own horn BUT all year I have been talking about the amazing wildflower trend that has graced blogs, magazines, and trending sites. Jessica Biel saw all that too because most of the flowers have a very wildflower theme! The article in People Magazine mentions that most of the flowers are locally grown flowers. The wedding flowers are a combination of hydrangeas, ranunculus, Israeli ruscus, chamomile flowers, and wildflowers.

Jessica Biel Wedding Bouquet and Dress! People Mag.

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

The bouquet can be created on a budget with a very similar look using monte casino asters, Israeli ruscus, lisianthus, and a combination of wildflower accents! Even the flower centerpieces are made with a bunch of wildflower-inspired, blue, tinted, bud vases.  The wildflower look continues to grace the tables. This is a perfect project for a bride on a budget (and surprising but cool to see at a 6 million dollar wedding, if I might add). Grab some inexpensive glass bud vases, a wildflower pack, and simply place flowers in each vase. The more imperfect, the better since you are going for that look anyway!

Jessica Biel and Timberlake Wedding Flowers

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

Another aspect I LOVE at this wedding is the beautifully rounded wedding flower accents adorned with all the candle holders. They are simple, not overdone (again shockingly modest for the budget), and romantic. They are put together with local flowers, white mums, and greenery. Again, all achievable looks for the DIY brides who order wholesale flowers and plan on making their arrangements! I mean look how happy JT is about that romantic spot with candles and flowers haha!! What do you think?

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

Timberlake and Biel Wedding Ceremony

Photo: © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved/People Magazine

Please share your thoughts about this Celebrity wedding! Do you think this price tag went far? Do you think most of the money was spent on the week leading up to the wedding? Do you like Jessica Biel’s pink wedding dress? Would you model your wedding flowers after theirs? PLEASE SHARE!

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