Baby’s Breath DIY Floral Headband

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Learning how to make a DIY floral headband is simple, easy, and extremely affordable. Baby’s breath is one of the most affordable fillers available of all wholesale flowers ordered online.  With one bunch of baby’s breath you can make up to 6-7 floral head bands!

What you need: Floral scissors, floratape stem wrap, 23 gage floral wire, and a portion of a bunch of baby’s breath.

1 Materials

2 Make Small Bunches

Bundle pieces of baby’s breath together using the floratape stem wrap. You will have to make more bundles as you go to fit and cover the entire wire headband.

Next, double strand the wire, measure your head, and make a cut leaving an extra two inches at the ends. Use the rounded side (already looped side) of your doubled wire to create a clasp by putting the cut ends through the loop. Once you have put the ends through the loop, create a secure twist to hold the wire in a circle. Make sure the wire is not sticking out.

3 Form Wire to Head

4 Close the Opening

5 add smal bunches

Start adding bundles of baby’s breath to the wire using your floratape stem wrap. Place the bundles together, close enough to eventually cover all showing wire. Keep in mind that you need to keep the clasp area open in case you need to re-adjust the size.

6 add more arond edges

7 add until covered all around

Once you have covered the wire fully you can now add your finishing touches. Add ribbon, lace, or more flowers to create a touch of textured interest.

8 finished head band

This simple tutorial can help you make your own wedding flowers at a a fraction of the cost of a florist. Baby’s breath floral headbands can also be used as decorative wreaths. Hang them from strings on the ceiling to make a unique and quaint look for your ceremony. Or you can make these small ring arrangements for putting around candles as centerpieces!

What would you do with these simple floral arrangements?


  1. I am planning on using Blooms by the Box for my wedding. Yay! The discovery of your site could be the single most exciting part of my wedding planning so far 🙂

    I was thinking about making this headband for my niece, a flower girl flower girl flower girl Would it last overnight, or am I going to have to make it day of? Day of kind of scares me, I do have a wonderful friend who is helping, but she is already making 9 boutonnières on the day and I don’t want to push it. Can I make this ahead of time? Or should we just do the bouts with succulents and billy balls to stave off pressure on the day of?

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    • Hello Louise! I am so excited you found us! You can make the floral head band with the baby’s breath the night before without a problem! Just make sure the the baby’s breath had at least 6-12 hours of hydration before you put it together. This will allow the flowers to stay fresh out of water for a longer period of time. Flowers like succulents and billy balls are not as dependent on hydration so those flowers work as well!
      Let me know if you need anything else! Thank you!

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