Incorporating floral accents like wedding flower hair designs into your budget wedding decor can be a breeze. Placing flowers in your hair can be just as easy, affordable, and quick as it sounds. Here are some tips for flower hair designs for your wedding.

Wedding Flower Hair DesignsFlowers in Picture: Hydrangea florets, Baby’s breath!

1. Select light flower. Large and heavy flowers like lilies, roses, peonies, garden roses, and succulents are going to be hard to work into hair. They are too heavy and bulk for a simple DIY and the last think you need on your wedding day is frustration with your hair. The best flowers for the job are: Fillers (baby’s breath, waxflower, solidago etc.), freesia, ranunculus, florets from hydrangeas, spray mums, spray roses, sweetheart roses, anemones, lisianthus and dendrobium orchids.

 Flower Hair Pin

Make this design by using floral adhesive to attach and position white larkspur florets, pieces of cream astilbe, greens,and scabiosa to a plastic hair comb. Its very simple!

2. Don’t try to make a complicated design. Place simple clusters of flowers in your hair. If you plan on making a head band or halo make sure you have practiced in advance. Those designs can be a little more complex but easy to learn if done a few times. Check out with DIY floral head band tutorial if you want to learn how to make a floral head band.

3. Don’t over order. Less is more in this circumstance. You will not need to order extra flowers for this simple addition to your DIY. Just use a few blooms (remove them from their stems) and tastefully decorate.

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